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Fighting Hunger Killing Poverty!

Using our strength in numbers to access food items and generate income.

Our priority is value for our members

Buy any of our products at wholesale from your backend.

Food packs of consumption value worth 10 meals at registration

We are different because it is ALL ABOUT YOU!

Members only e-commerce shop. Buy at great discount

We deliver great value through our collective buying power

Access to food, access to income

Using a people-centric multi-level marketing process to drive value

In line with the UN SDG on items 1 & 2

Adding our quota to fighting poverty and hunger


Welcome to THE MannaHub, where our vision is "Fighting hunger, Killing poverty".

What is THE MannaHub?

The MannaHub responds to the global need to fight hunger and eradicate poverty by providing a platform where a network of people can come together, using the strength of numbers to access food items at very affordable costs and also generate income at the same time.

Our priority is value for our members. This is evident in our welcome pack which contains food with consumption value of up to 10 meals and the instant access to heavily discounted food items and FMCGs through our members-only E-Commerce shop ... read more

Membership benefits and rewards

  1. Save time and money.
  2. Make money at home.
  3. Become an entrepreneur.
  4. Be part of a nation-wide community.
  5. Have fun!

How you get started

  1. Get sponsored by an existing member.
  2. Make payment of N5000, get your welcome pack and access to E-commerce shop.
  3. Generate income by deciding to join our marketing team.

Creating Shared Value

The MannaHub with a focus on member empowerment will impart growth in distribution for artisans, small business owners, sole traders, and any entrepreneur who produces food and is involved in manufacturing of consumables to the general public.


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